Nufree Antimicrobial Antibacterial Hair Removal System

Nufree is a safe and fast hair removal product that contains no wax, no sugar, and no honey!
In just minutes... the Nufree hair removal system can remove hair on over 98% of your body.
The Nufree hair removal system was originally developed for surgeons to remove hair from their patients before a surgical procedure, and Equibal has developed and furthered the use of that product and turned it into the most effective hair removal product available.

Nufree completely clears the hair follicle including the bulb, shaft, and papilla, unlike any other hair removal product on the market. Full Body Hair Removal with Nufree Nudesse Botanical Face, Chest, Back, Stomach, Arms, Legs, Bikini, (Brazilian - Females ONLY!)
Why Antimicrobial/Antibacterial Nufree?

There are dramatic advantages over waxes and sugars.
Nufree is a botanical formula of soy triglycerides that are compatible with the sebaceous oils of the hair. This formula cannot adhere to living skin but uses the oils of the hair as its vehicle.

No pre-preps are used to dry out hair and skin because you could never do this anyway. The sebaceous gland continues to be active, so why not work with nature as Nufree does, instead of against the natural disposition of the human body the way waxes do.

Professionals have used Nufree for over 30 years because of its safety, and because it truly works. You can promise the client a result in a short period of time and ensure that the process is being done correctly and professionally.

Unlike “wax” products there is no sticking to the skin, no drying time, and no breakage or distortion.

The body itself keeps Nufree liquid at all times and because of this, it can be erased in case a technician applies it to the wrong area.

Because Nufree has absolutely no evaporation the product can do 10 times the amount of services that a wax/sugar product could.

Because Nufree repels any body fluid including the moisture content of skin, because it is at body temperature and continues to stay liquid, Nufree can be safely reapplied to any small area that may have been missed.

The Nufree Nudesse 98.6/finipil system is designed specifically to be used accordingly for clinical reasons. The Nufree epilating strips are designed to ensure complete removal and skin safety because of no bias stretch, no breakage, and staying clean for the technician's hands at all times.

There is no latex and the strips are made to adhere only in the one direction.

The Nufree Thermal unit is designed only for overall thermal radiant warmth.

Nufree/Nudesse removes the entire hair shaft bulb and papilla.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) If Nufree isn't a wax, what is it?
Nufree is a natural, soy-based botanical formula. It contains no wax, no sugar and no honey.

2) How long has Nufree been in existence?
Nufree has been used in thousands of salons for over 30 years.

3) How safe is Nufree?
Nufree was originally formulated for plastic surgeons who required hair removal for their patients prior to surgery. Nufree was clinically tested for over 10 years.

4) Why is there (LESS) pain with Nufree?
Nufree never dries and doesn't stick to the skin, so it doesn't pull or cause painful irritation.

5) How long does a treatment take?
The average session is 10 minutes. For example, sideburns, upper lips can be treated in 5 minutes. A brow, tummy, bikini line or underarms can be treated in just 10-15 minutes. 1st Brazilian is scheduled for 1 hour but a Brazilian every 4-6 weeks can be treated in 30 minutes.

6) How long do the results last?
Results can be seen immediately. After your first two treatments, regrowth is lighter and softer. With each additional treatment, you will experience one-third less growth each time and visits will not be required for six to ten weeks. Eventually, you only need to return for treatments a few times a year.

7) Why can't I do it myself?
Deep hair removal is not a home treatment. Amazing long-term results are achieved because the process is performed by a trained professional.

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